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December 4, 2019

China – Human Rights Will Determine Outcome of the Trade War
Mexico – USMCA Getting Close

If there has been bipartisanship on the Hill on anything, it’s on the current US-China Tariff War, and now, in more recent weeks, on addressing China’s human rights practices. In fact, the US response to China’s human rights practices may determine the outcome of the tariff war. It is already impacting negotiations.

First, the US -China trade relationship, specifically, the US imposition of increased tariffs on imports from China (and China’s retaliatory tariffs): Both D’s and R’s tell Trump to stay tough. Better come up with something good – get China to change its bad trade practices; we (the US trade community) need to get something for the pain...

February 16, 2019

From the beginning, we knew this year was going to be full of acrimony, but every day makes life on Capitol Hill more unnerving.

We finally got past a government shutdown, Congress passing and the President signing the Appropriations for this Fiscal Year (with $1.3 billion, but not the President’s desired $5.3 billion for border security/Wall). But the public learned that when we say shutdown, it doesn’t really mean the government actually shuts down. While creating a real hardship for the approximately 15 to 20% of US workers federal workers who missed two paychecks, almost all government functions continued. This is because much of the government was fact fully funded by some of the appropriations bills previously passed by Congress...

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