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For any freight forwarder or customs broker member of one of the 5 local associations of the

PCC - Pacific Coast Council of Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders

If there was ever a time for brokers and forwarders to come to DC, it's this spring!

·        The rapidly changing role of CBP

·        Federal shutdown impact on import and export functions

·        New FMC Commissioners;

·        new party in control in the House, with new leaders of Committees overseeing CBP, trade, etc;

·        more clout for many west coast Members of Congress;

·        US-China trade war;

·        e-commerce - Section 321;

·        upcoming vote on NAFTA (or "USMCA")

Wow! You will want to be here!

What the Mission does for you. The PCC Mission is the means by which the customs brokers and freight forwarders on the Pacific Coast can interact directly with government officials at the agencies and on Capitol Hill. The Mission is your best opportunity to hear, first hand, what is really going on in DC, without the filter of talking heads on cable news shows. Many brokers and forwarders say that the PCC Mission are three of the most worthwhile and memorable days of the year. (Plus, the Mission is worth NCBFFA credits).

The Phoenix Park Hotel located a block away from Union Station on Capitol Hill.  Historic hotel, home of previous PCC Missions, and downstairs – the fun, lively authentic Irish pub, the Dubliner! An excellent Pacific Coast Council rate of $289 per night for one bed; $319/night for two beds.

Program Overview

- Saturday night. Welcome to DC!  Dangerously Delicious Pies and libations, at Friedmann’s overlooking Pennsylvania Ave. and
   the US Capitol

-Sunday morning PCC Board Meeting (to which all PCC Missionaries are welcome)

-Mission Briefing, Sunday lunch and afternoon.


-Annual Mission Opening Dinner

-Briefing with CBP - all CBP issues, processes and programs impacting brokers and forwarders.

-Federal Maritime Commission, FDA, leaders of major DC trade associations

-Dinner with a senior government official -- always a special event.

-Tuesday breakfast at Capitol Hill Club. Chief Trade Counsel for the House of Representatives.

-PCC Missionaries fan out over Capitol Hill to take our messages to the staff and Members of the California, Oregon and Washington      Congressional Delegations.

-Mission Wrap Up, we review the accomplishments and challenges


Flying to DC. Fly into Reagan (DCA) -- considerable savings in time and money once you are on the ground. From Reagan, you are ten minutes and a $13 cab ride from the Phoenix Park. (Dulles and BWI are $75 to $90 taxi.) Alaska Airlines flies non-stop into Reagan from LAX, PDX and SEA. United and Virgin are non-stop from SFO.

Information? PCC Counsel, Peter Friedmann, OurManInDC@federalrelations.com. For hotel and registration matters: Stephen Hudson stephen@federalrelations.com 202-783-3333

Participation in the PCC Mission is worth 13.5 CCS/CES/MES credits.  

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