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PCC Trade Expansion 

Political Action Committee



What is the PCC PAC? 


In 2009 it was determined that the Pacific Coast Council could further its interests in facilitating the flow of international commerce, through expanded engagement in the political process. For many years the PCC has constructively and effectively engaged directly with elected Members of Congress, meeting with them and their staff on Capitol Hill, and in their home states and Districts. As a result, a number of PCC brokers and forwarders are on a first name basis with their elected Representatives.


Each Member of Congress must run for reelection, and this is the time when they reach out to constituents and others for campaign funding support. By being able to contribute to those Members who have voted in a manner consistent with the objectives of the PCC – trade expansion and facilitation – the PCC can enhance its ability to impact the votes of those Members, in the future.


The Pacific Coast Council Trade Expansion Political Action Committee (PAC) was established in 2009. At receptions organized during WESCCON each year since 2009, contributions were received in amounts ranging from $20 to $5,000. (Contributions must be by personal check, not corporate or company check). The Federal Election Commission (FEC) requires two “officers”, a Treasurer, which is Jack Hubbard who was PCC President at the inception of the PCC PAC, and Assistant Treasurer, which is PCC Counsel Peter Friedmann, which facilitates signature and submission of statutorily required quarterly reports and any other communications with the FEC. We are filing those quarterly during election years, and semi-annually otherwise, consistent with FEC requirements.


To Whom Does the PCC PAC Contribute?


The expenditure of the collected funds must be done strategically. There are PACs, such as those of United Parcel Service, which spend literally millions of dollars each campaign cycle. The PCC Trade Expansion PAC is not in that category, so we must be careful how we spend our resources, to get the most “bang for our buck”. The bottom line is, we do not just “mail in the check”, but insist on a face to face dialogue of any recipient of PCC PAC funds.


The PCC's approach has been completely bi-partisan. We support candidates and Members of Congress who support the objectives of the PCC – – trade expansion. Whether Senators or Congresspersons, whether Republicans or Democrats, we seek their support for their votes in favor of trade expansion policies.”


Checks must be from a personal account, and not corporate/business accounts. They can be given to Peter Friedmann (Assistant Treasurer) at any PAC event.


$5,000 is the yearly contribution limit for any one person, and contributions are not tax-deductible.

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