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March 21, 2017

Dead on Arrival - As Usual

Intense scrutiny is being directed to President Trump's first budget submittal to Congress. Leaks and speculation are suggesting that it will upend the status quo, dramatically reducing Federal support for longstanding programs, while dramatically increasing funding for certain high priorities of the new Administration. However, a little perspective is a good antidote for all the hyperventilating. Because this President's budget proposal will meet the same fate as those of his predecessors - dead on arrival.

Under the Constitution, it is Congress, not the President which controls the purse strings of government. Only Congress can raise taxes, and only Congress can appropriate federal funds. The President’s bud...

February 24, 2017

Trade Policy Under Trump: Not as Dramatic as Advertised?

Threats to trade (“the Wall,” China currency manipulation, NAFTA, TPP) are turning out to be a lot less dramatic than originally promised (or threatened):

First, let’s dispense with his campaign promise to declare China a “currency manipulator” on “day one.” There is long standing process by which such a Presidential declaration would set in motion a review of a country’s initiatives to lower the value of its currency (to make its exports more affordable/competitive in global markets). If found to be manipulating its currency, the US could impose trade sanctions. Most trade economists feel it’s a very dangerous step for the US to take. Regardless, we are already a month into Mr....

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